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Inside photos of the new Harry Potter theme park – opens 18th June

Billowing steam at Hogsmeade train station. Snow sparkles on the roofs of village shops, the Three Broomsticks Inn and Hog's Head pub.

Hogwarts Castle towers on a grey, rocky crag above a forest of pines. You can pop into Ollivander's Wand Shop or the Owl Post Office and enjoy three great rides.

The park features a host of technological firsts and stars of the films are brought to life with state-of-the-art holograms, robotics and live action.


Hagrids hut

Hagrids hut

Inside Hogwarts Castle

Inside Hogwarts Castle

Theme park gate

Theme park gate

Stars of the film visit the park - Robbie Coltrain and Emma Watson

Stars of the film visit the park - Robbie Coltrain and Emma Watson

The first Brits could be experiencing the Wizarding World next Friday, when Virgin Holidays starts special tours. The official opening is on June 18.
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Villa Leopolda – the worlds most expensive villa!

Villa Leopolda was built in 1902 by King Leopold II of Belgium as a present for his mistress and derives its name from him. In the 1950s it was purchased by Giovanni Agnelli, who later sold it to Edmond Safra. After his death in 1999 his wife Lily Safra inherited the property.


The beautiful Côte d’Azur luxury home Villa Leopolda in France, is one of if not the most expensive estates in the world. The estate in all of its beauty was formally owned by Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates. The home has been owned by many other rich people or celebs which means the home has been passed down many times as well. When the home was at its top price, it was $750 million! The home was slowly brought down to $500 million still giving it the title of most expensive home in the world. But now, still up for sale, the price has reduced to only $102 million. However, one owner says that the home was really never up for sale.

The 29,000 sq. foot home includes 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. But if you are the owner, you will not be spending much time inside. The estate is surrounded by luxurious and extremely cared for bushes, plants, and a pool. Outdoor staircases with rich balconies will take you right to the commodities. On the balconies, one can enjoy many fireplaces and a sauna.

FRANCE-RUSSIA-JUSTICE-LEOPOLDA-ESTATEThe villa appeared in the news in the summer of 2008 with reports of the Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov having purchased the home at a price of approximately 500 million Euros ($736m / £397m).[However, the price reported at the occasion of a lawsuit in February 2010 was €370 million, which still would have made it probably the world's most expensive villa.

However, Prokhorov's spokesman denied that he was the purchaser, and said he refuses to do business in France until he receives an apology for being investigated in a prostitution probe.[

In February 2010, a Nice court decided that Prokhorov could not demand back the €39 million down payment made to Lily Safra in 2008 and had to pay an additional €1.5 million of interest. Lily Safra announced that she would donate the entire sum to a number of institutions focusing on medical research, patient care, education, and other important humanitarian causes around the world.

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Great tips for staying comfortable during a long flight

A long flight is probably one of the most boring things and uncomfortable things you can choose to do. However there are a few things you can do to make this chore a little more bareable - here are a few tips for staying comfortable and fresh during a long flight;

airplane-seatsCheck which kinds of seats your airline offers. Sometimes the seats differ even within the same class. British Airways for example offers seats in economy class that give you access to a power outlet and a little bit more legroom. Many times you do have to pay a bit more for that, but if you need to work during the plane ride or you know you will stay awake it may be worth it.

Bring some magazines or a good book with you. Reading is a great way to absorb time.

Bring your own food if at all possible. You can purchase some snacks at duty free or bring some from home. Make sure that they will get through airport security. Many airlines now promise great food, but the reality is that even then airplane food at its best is quite bad.

The air in planes is extremely dry. Make sure to keep yourself very well hydrated, and take eye drops with you. The small travel size ones, when carried within regulation (in a small Ziploc bag) should not be a problem.

Make sure you bring a toothbrush or those handy brush-ups. If it is not possible, at least some mints. Nothing is worse than sitting next to someone with bad breath.

Bring a packet of handy wet wipes. It’s a quick and extremely easy way to refresh yourself.

When it is safe to stand up, make sure you do so. This helps improve your circulation.

Check how empty (or full) your flight is. With some luck, you may be able to move to an empty middle row in which you can stretch and sleep.

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Alicante Villa travel guide

Alicante is the capital of the Alicante province, located to the south of the community of Valencia.

beach-AlicanteIt is immersed in history as an important port of the Mediterranean coastline. The city's population as of 2009 is just under 350,000 and is the second largest city in Valencia. The early years of the 20th century were tough for the region, but since the latter half of the century the city has been transformed due to the growth of tourism. Tourist development has created plenty of employment in the city. The Port of Alicante has been redeveloped since the decline of the 1980's - it is now one of the most important ports in Spain for cruise traffic.

The city is well served by motorways and Alicante Airport is one of the busiest airports in Spain, and there are further plans for its expansion. The city is well connected to Madrid and Barcelona through local Spanish airlines and with many cities in Western Europe through the major carriers.

Things to Do and See in Alicante

There is plenty to see and do in Alicante, and the following are some of the key attractions in the city:

The Santa Barbara Castle is located on Mount Benacantil and overlooks the skyline of the city - indeed it is the landmark of Alicante. The castle was constructed by the Moors in the 10th Century and offers so much for the visitor. In particular, the views from the Lookout Tower are just magnificent.

The Explanada de España promenade is lined by exotic palm trees and it consists of over 6 million marble stones. Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful promenades in Spain, it is a meeting point in the evenings for the people and tourists who flock to Alicante. Many concerts take place here, particularly during the summer. The promenade features a monument for Mark Hersch the artist who resides in Alicante.

The main church of the city is the Concatedral de San Nicolás de Bari, which originates from the 17th Century and is a wonderful display of Valencia architecture. Other religious sights include the Basilica of Santa Maria, which is built in Gothic style at the location of the old mosque.

The Baroque style Casa de La Asegurada, which was built in the latter 17th century is the oldest civil structure in the city, and is now home to the Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante. The Archaeological Museum of Alicante is also well worth exploring.

Another sight worth seeing is the Huerta de Alicante Towers, which were built to defend Alicante from the Barbary Pirates from the 17th century onwards.

Playa del Postiguet is the urban beach in Alicante and is well worth checking out.

There are plenty of parks and family activities to be enjoyed in Alicante - El Palmeral Park is one of the most popular parks in Alicante. It has walking trails, playgrounds, lakes, picnic facilities and much more. Another parkyou should check out is El Ereta Park, which is located on Mount Benacantil.

Festivals in Alicante

Some of the most prominent festivals in Spain take place in Alicante, and these are:

Las Hogueras de San Juan - St John's Bonfires festival

The most popular festival in Alicante takes place around the Summer Solstice. The main part of the festival is the street procession, with the floats festooned with effigies, which are sacrificed by burning on the final night of the festival at midnight. This fun filled festival places a major emphasis on partying, eating, drinking and dancing.

Alicante Summer Festival (Festival de Verano de Alicante)

Runs for a month from the end of July to the end of August usually. This festival is a celebration of local and international music, brilliant dance and theatre. It offers a great day out for couples and families. The Alicante Summer Festival is not based on Religon, and as such there are no street parades. It usually takes place at the one location at the Port of Alicante.

Moors and Christian Festival

The Moors and Christian Festival takes place at different locations at different times throughout the summer in Alicante. It offers a unique mix of street entertainment, together with historic and religious celebration!

Shopping In Alicante

The Rambla de Méndez Núñez is the traditional shopping area of Alicante. This is a vibrant street to browse through that will afford the visitor a terrific choice of shops as well as a proper glimpse into the city life of Alicante. There are plenty of arts and craft shops dotted around the city where you can pick up some local handicrafts. Jewellery and leather goods are the things to watch out for when grabbing a bargain!

Eating Out In Alicante

Alicante offers great choice when deciding where to eat out - Calle San Francisco is a great area to look for some good value restaurants. Tapas bars have their origin in Alicante and there are plenty of bars in the city that serve tapas. The area around Town Hall Square and the Plaza de Montaceta area has plenty of tapas bars and restaurants.

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Gas Prices in the USA

Gas Petrol prices in the USA

Hiring a villa in the USA is no different to any other holiday in that you have to take into account your holiday expenses. Usually in the USA its the norm to rent a car as this is the best to ensure that you are making the most of your holiday time. One thing to take into account is how much you will spend on fuel. So if you were wondering what the latest petrol prices are in the USA are then wonder no more because now you can check before you travel.

Simply use the map below to find your USA car hire location and check the current gas price. (Use your mouse pointer to drag and scroll in and out of the map)

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Happy motoring!