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1 toilet per aircraft! Read Ryanair’s latest cost cutting plans

Ryanair, the Budget airline that likes nothing better than thinking up new and cunning ways in which to cut costs, which incidentally, usually result in making your journey just a little bit more pants!

Officials from Europe’s biggest airline from want to remove two or three of its lavatories and replace them with up to six extra seats.

Under the plans up to 200 passengers and six crew would be forced to share bathroom facilities during a flight, leading to long queues, or worse, mid-air accidents. The company said ticket prices would fall by about £2 from a typical £40 ticket.

Michael O’Leary, the airline’s controversial chief executive, who is famous for his uncompromising approach to cost-cutting, defended the plans, saying all bathroom facilities were “very rarely” all used.

But critics said they were a “step too far” in its crude bid to cut costs and increase revenues. It is the latest cost-cutting measures announced by the airline.

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Ryanair bump prices up by 12% and cuts routes!

RYANAIR fares will soar by another 12 PER CENT this year - as it slashes routes in order to combat the sky-high oil price.

Boss Michael O'Leary boasted that his airline would cash in as more passengers compete for fewer seats.

Ryanair expects to run fewer services this winter for the first time in its history so it can save money on jet fuel.

Dozens of new aircraft being delivered by BOEING will simply be "parked up" until March next year.

Mr O'Leary said: "This will help get the fares up." He added "lead in" promotional fares would rise - but insisted: "Supply and demand is the real driver of this. Bookings are stronger because of all the austerity.

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Ryanair trying to squeeze even more cash from passengers with baggage fines!

AIRPORT staff are facing the SACK unless they slap penalties on RYANAIR passengers for breaking carry-on baggage rules.

Departure gate workers at Stansted have been told to hit at least SIX people per aircraft with a £35 fine as they board.

Anyone failing to reach the minimum target is served with a "file note" - three of which lead to a disciplinary meeting.

Union bosses are in uproar over the move and have threatened strike action by hundreds of workers.

The GMB claims SWISSPORT - Ryanair's contractor - is "bullying and harassing" staff to wring more cash out of passengers.

In a memo seen by Sun City, Swissport passenger service and sales manager Kirstie Brooks agreed to "review the procedure" three weeks ago. But the GMB claims nothing has happened since.

Ryanair only allows passengers to take one bag weighing 10kg or less on to a plane as hand luggage.

Passengers breaking the limit have the choice of paying £35, repacking the bag, binning it - or not flying at all. Ryanair's outspoken chief executive Michael O'Leary joked last month that bags were "verboten" - and his fees could go up again in the spring.

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Ryanair Hikes On-line Checkin fees by 20%

If it wasn't bad enough already Ryanair appear to have  increased their on-line check in fees on the sly. Checking out their latest on-line prices today, the rate for  'on-line check in' fee has risen from £5.00 GBP to £6.00 GBP which represents a staggering 20% increase!

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