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Bill to be passed forcing Holiday Property Owners to cater for the left handed renters!

The Florida House of Representatives have recently announced that they will be voting in favour of a bill that forces all holiday property owners to ensure that their properties are 'left handed accessible' A commission investigating several hundred complaint’s from left handed people stating that a growing number of property owners were systematically discriminating against them by only supplying 'Right Handed' facilities throughout their properties.

A leading human rights lawyer commented that the blatant discrimination of 'Left handed' renters is a direct infringement of their human rights.  Analysts have predicted that the conversion from 'Right Handed' to 'Multi-Handed Options' could cost home owners tens of millions over the coming years.

Left Handed Renter after being forced to use Right Handed toilet roll!

Left Handed Renter after being forced to use Right Handed toilet roll!

Property owners were said to have been heavily criticised for not providing even the most basic products such as left handed teapots, door keys and toilet rolls. One disgruntled left handed renter complained “When we arrived at his rental property we were given a right handed door key, I was unable to operate the key, it was a complete nightmare, my family were tired and all I wanted was to get inside…after struggling I had to wait over 2 hours while a right handed employee from the management company to arrived to let me in…I have never felt so helpless!

The Bill is set to be signed on 1st April 2010 – Property owners need to contact their management companies immediately to ensure they comply with the guidelines.

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Dubai – This weeks top destination

This week sees Dubai rise to the top of our user search rankings. Dubai is rapidly becoming one of most exciting modern destinations for UK holiday makers. Check out a few of the reasons to make Dubai your next holiday choice;

Spectacular and Modern Architecture

swirlyskysLeading architects from around the world consider Dubai's sprouting modern Buildings to be remarkable. Design masterpieces include the Burj Khalifa skyscraper and Burj Al Arab hotel (both Hillman Gold Medal winners). Dubai also has the wave-shaped Jumeirah Beach Hotel (see photo), the twin Emirate Towers, and the Dubai Gulf & Yacht Club's clubhouse.

Superb Shopping

Dubai is known worldwide for its shopping variety and bargains. The highlight is the gold market where artistic jewellery is sold. You will also find traditional souqs (markets) wending down narrow covered alleys and streets. And, there are well-appointed stores in air conditioned modern malls featuring the latest in international fashions.

Great Beaches

Dubai has long stretches of beautiful, unspoiled white beaches. It also has upscale umbrella-dotted beaches. The best is Jumeirah Beach, located near the Burj Al Arab hotel. In the summer, practically every day is sunny.

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Gas Prices in the USA

Gas Petrol prices in the USA

Hiring a villa in the USA is no different to any other holiday in that you have to take into account your holiday expenses. Usually in the USA its the norm to rent a car as this is the best to ensure that you are making the most of your holiday time. One thing to take into account is how much you will spend on fuel. So if you were wondering what the latest petrol prices are in the USA are then wonder no more because now you can check before you travel.

Simply use the map below to find your USA car hire location and check the current gas price. (Use your mouse pointer to drag and scroll in and out of the map)

Florida Gas Prices provided by


Also, courtesy of our friends at can now get a few fuel saving tips to think about when you're on the road. Follow the following link for more infomation Driving in the USA

Happy motoring!



5 Great Benefits To Renting A Villa Holiday Home

Being on holiday doesn?t automatically mean you have to slum it for a couple of weeks. Renting a villa for your next holiday means you can STILL have all your creature comforts without spending a fortune. Here are a few great benefits to villa renting;

?Space: A holiday home is far more spacious than hotel accommodation. Rental properties will have all the dimensions of a proper home; multiple bedrooms, cooking areas, living and dinning areas, parking space and usually a garden or pool.

Kitchens: One of the things I miss most when I am away is being able to cook and prepare food. A holiday property will typically come with a fully equipped kitten with modern appliances. ??

Washing machine/tumble dryer: In house dry cleaning and washing facilities offered by hotels are usually done so at a premium. Not only are you making big savings on these services you can also pack less knowing that you can simply rewash your favourite clothes when you need to.

Privacy: When you rent a villa you are also renting your own private space for you and your family. Although most hotels have plenty of facilities for you to use; they are not exactly private. You can relax in comfort knowing that your villa rental is a private and independent space for you and your family to enjoy.

Cost: Most holiday villas are large enough to sleep two medium sized families. Doubling up with friends can spread the cost of your next holiday. The price per-head per-day represents significant savings when compared to the same standard of living/facilities offered by hotels.

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Stay in Beautiful Le Marche countryside Italy

Le Marche (pronounced markay) is an Italian secret off the tourist track. A region of softly rolling hills, scattered with attractively walled hill towns, this agricultural area is often described as the "real Italy".

From the magnificence of the Ducal Palace at Urbino to the clear waters of Lake Fiastra, from the open-air opera festival in Macerata, to the Roman amphitheatre at Urbisaglia and the dramatic rocky coves and cliffs of the Conero peninsula near Ancona, Le Marche remains untouched by mass tourism, which is surprising for a region that offers the visitor such a rich mix of culture, history, fine architecture, beautiful countryside and long, sandy beaches.

If all this sounds like the type of holiday destination you'd love to visit why not book yourself a relaxing break at The Hideaway, Amandola.

?The Hideaway is located in a quiet valley in Villa Conti, a peaceful little village between Amandola (6 miles) & Comunanza (2 miles) in Le Marche.
The attractive spa town of Sarnano is only 15 miles away & we are ideally situated for both the ski resorts at Sassotetto & the beaches of the Adriatic (both within a 40 minute drive).

Our nearby town of Amandola has a beautifully porticoed main square where you can sit outside one of the cafes & enjoy a coffee before wandering up through the old town's cobbled streets to view the stunning Monte Sibillini.

Hill top villages, churches, art galleries,museums, excellent restaurants, fantastic wines, markets and festivals. There really is something for everyone.

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