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Great tips for staying comfortable during a long flight

A long flight is probably one of the most boring things and uncomfortable things you can choose to do. However there are a few things you can do to make this chore a little more bareable - here are a few tips for staying comfortable and fresh during a long flight;

airplane-seatsCheck which kinds of seats your airline offers. Sometimes the seats differ even within the same class. British Airways for example offers seats in economy class that give you access to a power outlet and a little bit more legroom. Many times you do have to pay a bit more for that, but if you need to work during the plane ride or you know you will stay awake it may be worth it.

Bring some magazines or a good book with you. Reading is a great way to absorb time.

Bring your own food if at all possible. You can purchase some snacks at duty free or bring some from home. Make sure that they will get through airport security. Many airlines now promise great food, but the reality is that even then airplane food at its best is quite bad.

The air in planes is extremely dry. Make sure to keep yourself very well hydrated, and take eye drops with you. The small travel size ones, when carried within regulation (in a small Ziploc bag) should not be a problem.

Make sure you bring a toothbrush or those handy brush-ups. If it is not possible, at least some mints. Nothing is worse than sitting next to someone with bad breath.

Bring a packet of handy wet wipes. It’s a quick and extremely easy way to refresh yourself.

When it is safe to stand up, make sure you do so. This helps improve your circulation.

Check how empty (or full) your flight is. With some luck, you may be able to move to an empty middle row in which you can stretch and sleep.

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