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Ryanair bump prices up by 12% and cuts routes!

RYANAIR fares will soar by another 12 PER CENT this year - as it slashes routes in order to combat the sky-high oil price.

Boss Michael O'Leary boasted that his airline would cash in as more passengers compete for fewer seats.

Ryanair expects to run fewer services this winter for the first time in its history so it can save money on jet fuel.

Dozens of new aircraft being delivered by BOEING will simply be "parked up" until March next year.

Mr O'Leary said: "This will help get the fares up." He added "lead in" promotional fares would rise - but insisted: "Supply and demand is the real driver of this. Bookings are stronger because of all the austerity.

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Virgin cabin crew voted the most attractive in the world

Virgin Atlantic cabin crewWith fitted red suits and stylish silk neck ties, the Virgin Atlantic cabin crew have always stood out from the crowd. And now Richard Branson's flight attendants have received the ultimate accolade from travellers, they have been voted The world's most attractive cabin crew.

The ladies (and gents) in red swept the board in a new survey, far outstripping their rivals to take the title with a massive 53 per cent of the vote.


1. Virgin Atlantic

2. Singapore Airlines

3. Etihad

4. Emirates

5. Aer Lingus

6. Lufthansa

7. Cathay Pacific

8. TAP

9. KLM

10. Iberia
No other airline's cabin crew even coming a close second.

The title has been attributed to their sexually charged global advertising campaign, which features Bond-style graphics, suggestive images, lots of attractive male and female crew and plenty of subtle innuendos.

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Amazing! – London New Years Eve Firework Display 2011


This isn't really travel but its a pretty amazing sight. Check out the fireworks display on the South Bank of the River Thames on New Years Eve. Its pretty a-mazing!

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Book early for 2011 as holiday prices set to increase!

A travel study highlighted in The Sun has revealed that many top destinations are set to cost holiday makers extra in 2011. But its not all doom and gloom as other popular destinations are predicted to cost LESS!

Trips to Turkey, Egypt and the United States could cost up to £149 more per person, a travel firm study found.

But the good news for cash-strapped Brits is that traditional Western Med favourites like Spain and Portugal will actually be CHEAPER.

The Algarve looks the best value destination, with a family of four saving an average £96, followed by the Costa Dorada and Majorca.

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Worlds most expensive Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree that costs $11 million (£7 million) and is thought to be the most expensive ever decorated has been unveiled at Abu Dhabi's Emirates Palace hotel.

The hotel's general manager, Hans Olbertz, was quoted on Thursday as saying the 43-foot (13-meter) faux fir has 131 ornaments that include gold and precious stones such as diamonds and sapphires.

It is the latest extravagance at the Emirates Palace hotel, which boasts its own marina, heliport and a vending machine for small gold bars.

Mr Olbertz told Dubai's Gulf News that he worked with one of the jewellers in the hotel to create a "unique tree and experience for our guests this year". The hotel may later contact Guinness World Records for a possible bid as the world's most expensive Christmas tree.

The Guinness web site lists a $10.8 million tree erected in 2002 in Toyko with 83 pieces of jewellery from Piaget Japan.

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