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3 Great Travel Gadgets Under £10!


Like most chaps im a sucker for a good gadget. Probably something to do with boys and their toys? Anyway, here are 3 great travel gadgets and the best thing is that they all cost under a tenner....sweet!

Splitterbot Headphone Splitter

This handy little robot-shaped accessory lets you share music on your mp3 player with friends. The cute little robot has a pair of headphone sockets for eyes. Just plug his head into your mp3 player, attach 2 sets of headphones and share away. 

Small enough to carry with you wherever you go, with a handy keyring attachment, Splitterbot means that you'll never have to share your headphones again.

Splitterbot Headphone Splitter - dimensions: 4.3cm x 3.3cm.

Available via Shineyshack

In-Flight Comfort Kit

This handy in-flight kit has lots of bits and pieces to make your flight a little more comfortable.

Sorry, there's not magic wand to give you extra legroom but the inflatable travel pillow, eye mask and ear should help you get a bit of shut-eye while the travel soap and wet wipe will give you a chance to freshen up before you disembark.

The whole kit packs away neatly into a drawstring bag and is suitable to include in your hand luggage.

In the pack

  • Inflatable jersey neck pillow
  • Wet wipe
  • Earplugs
  • Paper soap (10 sheets)
  • Padded jersey eye mask
  • Drawstring bag

Available via Shineyshack

True CashStach TU41

Never run out of money again!

This clever capsule has a special cash clip inside to wrap an emergency note around. It will take up hardly any room on your key-ring, yet will really get you out of trouble by covering that last round of drinks, or paying for the taxi home at the end of the night!

Constructed from dark chrome plated aircraft grade aluminium with a waterproof neoprene 'O' ring, the CashStash is so handy you'll never want to leave home without it!

CashStash Features

  • Aircraft grade aluminium capsule
  • Brass cashclip
  • Waterproof 'O' ring
  • 10mm split ring
  • Key ring attachment

CashStash dimensions: 4.5cm x 1.5cm.

Available via Shineyshack

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Gadget Spot: Cool Luggage lock and scales all in one combo

Quirky’s new Weigh to Go takes two boring, tedious luggage tasks and combines them into one almost fun product. The Weigh to Go is both luggage tag and weighing scale, and sits on the handle of your suitcase quietly displaying your name and address. When you need to know just how much crap you have to remove from the case to get through check-in, the little label leaps into action.

The tag comprises an ABS plastic body with a rubber rim, a steel carabiner with combination lock (to stop the tag itself from being stolen — the contents of your bag will still have to take their chances) a pair of Velcro straps to keep the tag from swinging, and a digital scale.

To use it, you just un-stick the Velcro, hit the on-switch and pick up the bag by the tag. After five seconds you get a readout, and you can decide whether you really need to take that fifth pair of shoes with you.

Quirky, if you remember, takes pre-orders for its community-designed products and only starts the factory lines a-rolling once the minimum number is reached (Quirky doesn’t charge your credit card until the products are done). This time the number is 775, and the price is $33, which you’ll save on overweight baggage charges on your first trip.

Weigh to Go

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Great Ski Gadget under £10

REI Ski Carrier

It might not look very exciting, but this little gizmo binds your skis together and, thanks to a sturdy strap, makes carrying them a breeze. I loathe wobbling through the snow with equipment balanced precariously on my shoulder and this carrier has put an end to that.

Price: $12.50 (£7.80)

Available from

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Please note: Pices of gadget displayed was correct at time of article. Prices is subject to change by retailor.


Easyjet trial new technology to detect Ash Clouds

NEW technology that could minimise future disruption to planes from volcanic ash was unveiled today by budget airline easyJet. The carrier will be the first airline to trial a new "weather radar for ash" system called AVOID (Airborne Volcanic Object Identifier and Detector).

The system involves placing infrared technology on to an aircraft to supply images to both the pilots and an airline's flight control centre.

These images will enable pilots to see an ash cloud up to 62 miles (100 kilometres) ahead of the aircraft and at altitudes between 5,000ft and 50,000ft.

This will allow pilots to make adjustments to the plane's flight path to avoid any ash cloud.

Millions of passengers had their travel plans wrecked when airlines had to scrap thousands of flights in recent weeks due to Icelandic volcanic ash.


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See Richard Branson’s amazing Underwater Virgin Sea Plane!

With all the recent problems with air traffic it would have been pretty handy to have a couple of these little beauties on standby.
The incredible vehicle has space for three passengers, who breath through integrated SCUBA gear, to sit down as it flies around just above the sea bed.
It is the only one of its kind in the world and unlike a normal plane it uses its wings to force it downwards so it stays submerged.
Sir Richard said: "It's like an airplane that flies underwater, a little fighter plane."
Sir Richard said: "It's like an airplane that flies underwater, a little fighter plane."

Sir Richard said: "It's like an airplane that flies underwater, a little fighter plane."


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