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Bill to be passed forcing Holiday Property Owners to cater for the left handed renters!

The Florida House of Representatives have recently announced that they will be voting in favour of a bill that forces all holiday property owners to ensure that their properties are 'left handed accessible' A commission investigating several hundred complaint’s from left handed people stating that a growing number of property owners were systematically discriminating against them by only supplying 'Right Handed' facilities throughout their properties.

A leading human rights lawyer commented that the blatant discrimination of 'Left handed' renters is a direct infringement of their human rights.  Analysts have predicted that the conversion from 'Right Handed' to 'Multi-Handed Options' could cost home owners tens of millions over the coming years.

Left Handed Renter after being forced to use Right Handed toilet roll!

Left Handed Renter after being forced to use Right Handed toilet roll!

Property owners were said to have been heavily criticised for not providing even the most basic products such as left handed teapots, door keys and toilet rolls. One disgruntled left handed renter complained “When we arrived at his rental property we were given a right handed door key, I was unable to operate the key, it was a complete nightmare, my family were tired and all I wanted was to get inside…after struggling I had to wait over 2 hours while a right handed employee from the management company to arrived to let me in…I have never felt so helpless!

The Bill is set to be signed on 1st April 2010 – Property owners need to contact their management companies immediately to ensure they comply with the guidelines.

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