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FlyGlobeSpan goes into administration.

A statement on their website starts as follows;

The Globespan Group plc and Alba Ground Handling Ltd (‘the Group’) on 16 December 2009. It is likely that other Group companies including the airline which operated as Flyglobespan will be placed into administration on 17 December 2009.

It has been reported by the BBC that About 4,500 passengers are stranded - mostly in Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Egypt. The Civil Aviation Authority will be repatriating about 1,100

Appointed administrators for Globe Span PricewaterhouseCoopers said Edinburgh-based Globespan was contacting all the passengers booked with or travelling with the airline.

If you are affected or know someone that is more information can be found at the website. On appointment, the administrators set up a helpline. This helpline will be available between the hours of 9am and 8.00pm, Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.30pm on Saturday and from 9am to 5.00pm on Sunday. The number to call is:

From the UK – 0871 271 9000

From Abroad – +44 141 332 3233


Swindon Twinned With Disney, Florida

For me the one thing I knew about Swindon was that Billy Piper came from there, which I'm sure you will agree is a quality claim to fame however...

20 year old Rebecca Warren may have just topped that. She entered her home town in a competition to find Disney World, Florida a British twin and out of 500 other nominations, Swindon won.

Rebecca showcased the town's credentials via a minute long video comparing Disney's highlights with that of Disney’s. She accompanied this with a poem. One line reads: “We may not have a castle or the hot Florida sun, but we do sure have what Disney has, its fun for everyone”

Hugh Wood from Disney destinations International said: “Her local pride and creative approach, coupled with her obvious knowledge of Walt Disney World just made the difference.


“We’re looking forward to building a friendly and magical relationship with our new twin, Swindon.”


Walt Disney Wiltshire will benefit from a string of accolades including an honor in the United Kingdom Pavilion at World Showcase within Epcot throughout 2010 and a community outreach programme in collaboration with Swindon Council and Disney’s community relations team.


Celebrations will kick off with a "twinning ceremony" in January.


It’s the first twinning for Disney, but the fifth for Swindon; its other twin towns are Salzgitter, Germany, Ocotal, Nicaragua, Torun, Poland and Chatanooga, USA.

Mayor of Swindon, Cllr David Wren, said: “We’re delighted the judges decided that Swindon’s magic complemented that of Walt Disney World.


“Rebecca did a great job promoting our town and we look forward to linking up with Disney over the coming year.”

To see all the nominations click here  

by James Thomas


Swiss Ski hits the top 10 Bargain Villa searches!

Swiss skier

Swiss skier

 The rocky peaks of Switzerland have harboured ski resorts for more than a century. Some of the most extensive ski and snowboard regions in Switzerland are ultra modern creations that resemble a mash up of the star ship enterprise and the death star while others are a concentration of square apartment blocks like those you might see on the outskirts of Milan, Paris or Barcelona. But dont panic! There are alternitives for skiers that want that littler bit more freedom and comfort.

More and more people are choosing the rent private ski villas and chalets for their winter breaks. Here at Bargain Villas we have certainly seen our Ski villa traffic increase throughout popular resorts in Switzerland, Austria, France and Italy.

In fact last week we saw for the first time 3 Swiss locations creep into the top 10 searches on : Zermatt, Saas fee & Grindelward.

The popularity of private ski villa rental and chalets is largely due to the freedom and comprehensive facilities offered by owners and rental companies that really understand the high expectations and needs of travel savvy skiers.

You can search popular ski resorts and find the perfect property for your next ski break at

Happy skiing!


Where to buy your holiday home

The advantages to buying a holiday home are well documented, some purchase simply to have a home away from home, some see the possibility of making some adding money.

However I think the hardest decision is deciding where to purchase your home.

For Brits, Spain is the most popular choice, with 66% opting to buy a property there. The weather, the standard of life and the culture, makes Spain a very appealing place and therefore a good sound investment.
There are currently 3.3 million holiday homes in
Spain and demand is rising by three percent year on year based on the last decade. Firstly, this means that there is always going to be a demand for people wanting to rent your property while you’re not there. Secondly, house prices are set to rise with so much demand meaning that when it comes to selling up you are bound to make a healthy profit.

Another healthy market is Florida, the sunshine state, home of Disney. Florida and mainly the Orlando area are popular all year round due to its great weather, superb entertainment and beautiful beaches. Obviously its biggest pull is Disney and the potential to rent out your property when you are not occupying it is very good. Buying when the dollar is weak is key to healthy margins; also remember that we offer you the advantage of advertising your holiday home for free. I would suggest though looking in to insuring against hurricane damage.

France is also very popular, it offers culture, weather and has a big market in the U.S. Portugal is quickly becoming popular due to its weather, great beaches plus at present prices are lower than Spain and Florida etc.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to choose a location you like, feel comfortable with and have at least visited a few times before.

My five rules for holiday home letting

•Choose a good location

•Two and three bedroom properties are better for families and groups of friends

•Keep the property well-maintained and attractive

•Look at hiring a letting agent. Management fees can range from 15-30%

•Keep the property fully insured