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10 Questions You MUST Ask Before Hiring Any Orlando Managment Company By Erica Muller – Part 2

10 Questions You MUST Ask Before Hiring Any Orlando Property Management Company By Erica Muller - Part 2

Ever wondered what you should be asking before hiring a management company? Well I recently ran into a blog by Erica Muller - Her blog contains some extremely useful Q & A's that would not only help you establish if a management company was right for you but could also help you save and increase value for money.

If you missed Part 1 you can catch up by clicking here But for those of you who have been waiting for Part it is...

6. How many of your bookings come from tour suppliers vs. retail?
7. Do you have a 24-hour emergency line?

8. Are you located within 15 minutes of my home?
9. Do you charge a cancellation fee?
10. Do you have a quality assurance department?

For a full explanation on these essential questions please visit Erica's blog by
clicking here!

Many thanks to Erica Muller of

Does anyone else have any questions that they feel are essential to put to any management company before signing a contract?

Look forward to hearing from you all,


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Turn Your Quotes Into Bookings!

Dont let your quotes die!

Just thought I'd pass on a conversation I had with a villa owner earlier today.We were just chatting in general about rental levels when I happened to ask 'so what happens after you give a potential customer a quote?' The owner told me casually that they didn't really do anything....they basically would wait and see what happened.

Yikes! I thought. If there is one thing that bugs me in this market at this time its 'wait and see' Right now I'd advise any property owner to chase any rental enquiry until the customer finally gets so sick of you that they file a restraining order. OK, I'm exaggerating...but we should all be following up quotes. All of us! I understand that a lot of people are not comfortable with this sort of thing and have never had to do it but trust me, after you've done it a couple of times you'll wonder what you were ever scared of.

Here are a couple of good tips;

When you give out a quote casually mention that you'll follow it up with a courtesy call or email to see what they think. When calling back make it seem like you are doing them a favour because you have limited availability.

When you give out a quote (only if you are prepared to offer this) tell the customer that if they find a cheaper rate for a similar villa call you back and you'll see if there is anything you can do.

If you don't win the rental don't be afraid to ask the customer 'how come?' Finding out why will help you improve things that you might have over looked. Don't be afraid to ask questions like 'who did you end up booking with?' and 'How much did you end up paying?'



If you are already doing these things then sorry for boring you, you've just wasted 6 minutes of your life :-P But if you're not then it wont hurt to employ a couple of the techniques above. The more you speak to your customers the more you can understand what they are looking for which, theoretically, will help you win more of those bookings floating around in the travel stratosphere.

If any of you have any other little tips or suggestions please send them in and ill blog about them.

Look forward to hearing from you,



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Stay ahead of the crunch!

Stay Ahead of The Crunch!!

In these financially sketchy time's its really important that owners take stock of where they are and ensure that they are making the most of all the rental opportunities that come their way. So with that in mind here are 3 great tips you might find useful.

Families save money when doubling up!
One of the main benefits to renting a holiday home is that a large percentage of homes are capable of sleeping 2 medium size families. If you are an owner that has a reasonably large property now is the time to start promoting the fact that holidaying with another family is a great way for your customers to keep down the cost of their accommodation by splitting the price with another family. Even offer a discount on full occupancy?

Make sure you are still priced competitively
Its easy to fall into a routine of pricing. Once you set up your property adverts you set a price and leave it at that. Its so important to remain competitive in today's market. Set yourself 1 day a week or 1 day a month to do a quick scan of other properties for rental in your area. Being active and making sure you are still competitively priced is key to ensuring you win those rental out there!
look around at other properties in your area to see if you are priced within the market.

Minimise your losses
If you are struggling to rent out your property try adding a sweetener to the deal. (I am assuming that you have a mortgage to pay) Try offering something like a Free theme park ticket, a free welcome meal at the local restaurant, $50.00 in fuel, free travel insurance etc. The object is to spend a little cash in order to minimise your losses. If you have a mortgage of $1000.00 per month and no one rents your property you have already lost $1000.00 - If you had an offer that cost you $200.00 in order to rent your property at $1000.00 for a month you would have minimised your loss by $800.00.

The point is if you have to lose money at any time because of a down turn - why not make it as little as possible - in the long run you will come out on top because you have turned something with a negative outcome into a positive.

Now would be an ideal time to re-evaluate your marking material to incorporate any of the tips that you find useful.

- Change your brochures or add an insert.
- Update your website and make any special offers MORE prominent.
- Update any online villa adverts you have.
- Check your prices!

I'd like to hear any other useful tips you might have - How is everyone getting the best from their holiday property?

Look forward to hearing from you,



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