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The Benefits of Credit Card Processing for Home Owners.

This year my blogs have had the same reoccurring theme - win more rents! Thinking of ways to keep your properties occupied should always be a priority. Yesterday I listened to an interesting pod cast from HomeAway which highlighted some positive points on processing credit cards.

Having the ability to process credit cards is a simple way of making your holiday home more accessible to more customers.

Unfortunately disposable incomes are not very common these days so offering a credit card facility helps your customers spread the cost of renting. Not only that but it also offers the renter payment protection.

OK, so there is a draw back and that is that to process a credit card you are going to incur a charge of around 3-5%* of the transaction cost. You can do one of two things here, swallow the cost and be happy that you have made a rental or you can pass the charge on to your customer - either way you are making your property available for rental to people that never pay by cheque or bank transfer.

How can you get a credit card facility? Well, an obvious contender is Their service allows you to send invoices, process payments, you can even add the credit card facility to your own website. Here are a couple of links that you might find helpful;
Paypal Fees
Paypal Features

Of course there are many other payment facilities you can sign up with, Paypal is not the only one. Do a google search, ask other property owners, speak to your bank. There are many options.

Going back to the HomeAway podcast; click here to have a listen.


  • Would anyone else like to share who they use for credit card processing?
  • Have you noticed rentals increasing because of being able to process credit cards?
  • Have you noticed that you have been attracting a different type of customer?

Look forward to hearing from you all,



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