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Better villa images can lead to more bookings!


How can you create a good first impression? Easy, make sure you have killer photos of your holiday home displayed on your advertising. Often taken for granted a little attention to detail in this area can actually help you win more business! Think about it in these terms - The novelty of scrolling through properties online wears pretty thin, pretty quickly so it?s your job to try and capture a customer's attention as quickly as possible. (Preferably before they slip into a boredom induced coma)

On most villa rental websites a small image of the properties is displayed within the search results; this is your first impression. The better the image the more people will click through to your advert. If you aren't the best photographer or like me find most electrical item?s something of an enigma then do yourself a favour - hire someone that knows what they are doing. Get a professional to take some quality snaps. Quality, professionally taken images will pay for them selves in the long run. I like to save money and cut the odd corner or two but this is one I strongly recommend you get right. Without doubt making sure you have quality images of your property will help you win more of those rental opportunities.


I'd be interested to hear from anyone that has improved their rental numbers with better pics or even with the use of a 360 tour as well as any other tips and comments you'd like to pass on regarding this post!
Look forward to hearing from you,
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