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Bargain Villas versus other Property Websites

Yesterday I spoke with a company that runs a villa website. They raised some important questions about the nature of our service. I thought I'd write a little about what 'exactly' we do and how we can HELP other villa owners / property managers.
How can we work with other villa rental companies without encroaching on their direct business?

Well, this is simpler than you think. BargainVillas is a free service to use for property owners, managers and rental companies - in fact anyone that is responsible for promoting a holiday home. If you are a company that advertises holiday properties for your clients you are more than welcome to use our service. If you create an account using your own contact details instead of your clients contact details then you will receive all of the enquiries from perspective customers. Effectively you will be using us as a medium to generate rentals free of charge.

What do we get out of it?

Its true that we do not charge any fees for adding your property to our site. We don't ask for any commission on the rentals, we don't charge a set up cost or an annual subscription to the service. Its free. Our goal is to create a global online community that supports holiday home owners. There is already advertising spaces sold on the website, we are currently adding affiliate programs and services that will be provided via third party organisations. This is where we will recover and regenerate investment to keep developing the website further.

What's happening right now with BargainVillas?

Right now a new design is being placed over the existing technology on the site. The new design will give the site a more contemporary clean look and feel which we hope will help our current property owners achieve more rents. We are also launching other key word targeted domain names to help drive traffic to the main website and working on strategic partnerships from complimentary services to also generate traffic. The technology behind the website is currently being updated to the latest version of ajax to speed up performance. The search facility and results continues to be refined.

Last word!

By offering the service for free to owners and property managers alike is our assurance that we are not trying to rival your business, we are trying to help grow it. Property owners and managers have nothing to lose in opening an account. There aren't many free places to advertise these days, especially during this credit crunch. BargainVillas is a unique initiative. The concept is designed to help supports property owners and managers.


Please let me know if you have any reservations
Any queries about the website
Any advice
Any feedback, good or bad, don't hold back, we can take it :)

Look forward to hearing from you all,

Kind regards

Bargain Villas

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