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10 ‘Must Ask’ Questions Before You Hire Any Orlando Management Company! – part 1

10 Questions You MUST Ask Before Hiring Any Orlando Property Management Company By Erica Muller - Part 1

.Ever wondered what you should be asking before hiring a management company? Well I recently ran into a blog by Erica Muller (A real estate guru since the age of 18 with insider knowledge of property management - yes people, she really knows her stuff!)
Her blog contains some extremely useful Q & A's that would not only help you establish if a management company was right for you but could also help you save and increase value for money.
Erica writes; Before You hire just any management company to take care of one of your mostsizable assets there are some serious factors you should consider. Make sure you get the facts and interview at least three companies before hiring one. These are some questions you should always ask to help you navigate through the potential pitfalls that could arise form hiring the wrong company.

1.How long have you been in business?

2.How many properties do you manage?

3. Can you provide at least three references?
4. Can you provide at least three booking reports for a home comparable to mine?
5. What are your fees and are you willing to match other quotes?

For a full explanation on these essential questions please visit Erica's blog by clicking here!

Part two of this blog will contain the next 5 Q & A's - will update you when its released around the 5th.

Does anyone else have any questions that they feel are essential to put to any management company before signing a contract?

Look forward to hearing from you all,




PS. Many thanks to Erica Muller of

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